Organised not OCD - Cleaning Schedule

Here is the next installment of my Organised not OCD tips and tools.  As I have said before, whilst it is not everyone’s natural instinct or desire to be organised, when you are a wife, mother and homemaker I believe you don’t have a choice to at least try some form of organised in your day to day life.  Add working mother, business owner, host to an Au Pair and you time into the mix, and your DEFINITELY don’t have a choice but to but to implement some organisation in your life! 

If you read my previous blog about the family calendar, I also use this tool to write up my weekly/monthly cleaning schedule to have something to follow and tick off.  House work can become very overwhelming as it tends to be the last thing on our list after looking after the kids, outings, activities, meal times etc…  The problem with cleaning is, the longer we leave it, the worst it gets and the more overwhelming it becomes!  Where are the cleaning fairies??? Not at my house I can tell you that!

Keeping with my theme of identifying the benefits of having a cleaning schedule to assist you in being as organised as you can be, let me highlight a few key points:

·         I find cleaning the house can be overwhelming when trying to do everything all in one day!  The benefits of having a cleaning schedule is breaking up each task into days of the week so you are only spending small amounts of time each day cleaning as opposed to hours on end;

·         You remove the feeling of cleaning all day and wasting a weekend inside scrubbing floors.  If you space it out and get it done throughout the week, it has minimal impact on your rest and relaxation time (I’m pretending this exists for mums and dads);

·         By following a schedule, you don’t allow things to get on top of you.  It is so easy for this to happen weather you are a stay at home mum, working mother, or both, it can all pile up.  By taking it bit by bit and following a simple plan, you will keep on top of things (of course only until someone gets struck with a cold!);

·         By itemising each task; you can see how many jobs there are to tick off and also try to task assign some of these jobs.  You may have kids old enough to do some smaller chores, or husbands who are willing to help out;

·         If you are getting the kids involved, try and make a game of it or make it a little interesting.  Depending on the kids ages they may like a pretend mop or broom to ‘help’ you!  Get them to pass you the pegs when you are hanging out the washing, make outdoor jobs fun by cleaning the car as a family and gardening as a family;

·         Sometimes we need to see that we have achieved something each day!  By ticking off at least one household chore, you are giving yourself some recognition that you are not simply surviving in organised chaos.

Example cleaning schedule:

Monday: Clean bathroom/s & do loads of laundry

Tuesday: Clean kitchen & laundry

Wednesday: Dust, vacuum & mop

Thursday: No jobs!

Friday: Change sheets & do loads of laundry

Saturday: Outside chores if required

Sunday: No jobs!

I know this isn’t the most exciting topic, but these are the little things that I believe help with keeping on top of things!

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