I’m about to move to the Pilbara as an Au Pair – what do I pack?


Getting organised and packing for your Australian Au Pair adventure is a very exciting time!  You may be unsure of what you will need in Australia to suit the climate, and may be torn with what keepsakes you want to bring with you to remind you of home.

Before you think about what you are going to need and what you would like to pack, I would suggest checking the available baggage allowance with your chosen airline.  There are different weight limits for International flights and Domestic flights.  For example:

·         A Qantas International Flight from Berlin to Perth allows one bag at a weight of 30kg per person;

·         A Qantas Domestic Flight from Perth to Karratha allows one bag at a weight of 23kg per person.

In light of this, you need to consider the following:

·         Is 23kg enough? 

·         Am I happy to pay for excess baggage?

·         Will I be purchasing anything in Australia that I will want to take home?

·         Remember that you may be planning to travel after your placement as an Au Pair – you don’t want to be dragging around too much luggage!

·         Are there things I can buy once I am in Australia that I don’t need to bring from my home country?

Once you have made these decisions, I would recommend packing the following items for you time in the Pilbara region (use this as a guide):

1 x pair of jeans

1 x pair of running shoes and/or flat shoes

2 x pairs of shorts

1 x pair of thongs

3 x t-shirts

1 x pair of high heels

3 x singlets


2 x summer dresses (board shorts for men)

Travel documentation (visa,passport etc)

1 x Jumper (pullover)

Mobile phone and phone charger with International adapter

1 x Jacket

Ipad/Laptop and charger with International adapter

2 x going out dresses (going out clothes for men)

Minimal toiletries (you can buy this in Australia)

2 x pairs of Bathers (swimmers/togs)

Any required medication (make sure you have enough for the time you are away)

1 x hat

Camera and charger

It can be difficult looking at the minimal items in your suitcase but always remember, you can purchase any of these items in the Pilbara region and you can also post things home.  This can be expensive but it is an available option.

If you have any questions about my thoughts on what to pack when coming to the Pilbara as an Au Pair, please don’t hesitate to contact me via email on hayley@pilbaraaupairservices.com.au.