Organised not OCD - Calender of Events

Here is the next installment of my Organised not OCD tips and tools.  As I have said before, whilst it is not everyone’s natural instinct or desire to be organised, when you are a wife, mother and homemaker I believe you don’t have a choice to at least try some form of organised in your day to day life.  Add working mother, business owner, host to an Au Pair and you time into the mix, and your DEFINITELY don’t have a choice but to but to implement some organisation in your life! 

Everyone is going to think I am working for Kikki-K (I promise you I’m not), but about 4 years ago now, we were given a family calendar as a Christmas gift and from then have continued to purchase one every year!  It is kept on the back of our toilet door and our visitors often comment on what an interesting read it is when taking a toilet break at our place.

Keeping with my theme of identifying the benefits of using this as a tool to assist you in being as organised as you can be, let me highlight a few key points:

·         I don’t know about you, but unless I write it down, the likelihood of me remembering an appointment, birthday or social event is zero to none!  I have used different methods in the past as reminders such as recording it in my calendar on my phone, using my email calendar, writing it on a piece of paper, however I have found the best way to keep track of what is coming up is a calendar of events

·         The calendar our family uses gives you the option to right each family members name at the top, has a row for adding in birthdays, and enough room to record all of the important events that are coming up – this way you can keep track of what everyone has on and ensure you don’t over commit!

·         Keep on top of the start and finish dates of your child/children’s scheduled activities including start and finish times as well as the location

·         Look forward to up and coming trips away to Coral Bay and visits from family – it’s great to have a countdown going especially when it is something to look forward too

·         Do you ever get that phone call from your husband asking what is the plan for the weekend?  You sit there and think, ‘I know something is happening but I just can’t remember what it is at the moment!’  It is so easy to simply go and check the calendar and know exactly what is going on

·         Using the calendar isn’t only for highlighting events and birthdays.  Use it to plan out your house work for the week.  Monday – wash floors, Tuesday – clean bathroom, Wednesday – clean kitchen.  When you have such a busy and full on life, things like housework and day to day chores can get on top of you.  Plan it out and even assign different tasks on the calendar to other members of the family

·         If you are hosting an Au Pair, it is a great tool for them to refer to as a reminder for what activities are on during the week for your child/children.  They can also use it to update information on extra babysitting they may be completing or weekends away they have coming up.  This is a great way to make them feel part of the family by including them in the calendar of events

·         Feeling overwhelmed and flat out?  When you look at the month ahead in your calendar, it is a great opportunity to change some plans you have made or book in some family time or even alone time to give yourself a chance to breathe!

Some people may think that updating a calendar is just another task to add to a long list of things to do, but I can promise you if you try it out for a month it will help with the flow and organisation of your family’s routine.

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