Advertise a vacant position on the Pilbara Au Pair Services Website under the Backpacker Jobs Tab that you would be happy to fill on a casual or short term basis with traveling backpackers on a Working Holiday Visa.

How the service works:

  1. When you have identified a vacant position, you register with Pilbara Au Pair Services to post the job you would like to advertise.  This is a cost of $15.00 for a 2 week advertising period on the Pilbara Au Pair Services Website and Pilbara Backpacker Jobs Facebook Page.
  2. A business profile will be created so when you would like to advertise your next job, you simply log into your profile, submit the details and I will advertise your position. You will then receive an invoice for $10.00. 
  3. If you would like to boost a current job that has been advertised for a long period, a cost of $10.00 will be incurred and will continue to be advertised on both my Website and Facebook Page for a further 2 weeks!
  4. Interested applicants will view the advert and can apply directly to you via the contact information provided.


Simply view the list of jobs advertised in the Pilbara Region you are currently visiting or planning on traveling to and apply using the contact information provided!

Do you have a work function, girls or boy’s night out or romantic dinner for two planned? Why not book an Au Pair to babysit your child/children so you can relax and enjoy a well earnt night out?  Any residential based family in the Pilbara Region can register their babysitting requirement online.  I will then match this with the availability of an Au Pair that has registered their interest and coordinate the booking.