can access the BABYSITTING Service!


Do you have a work function, girls or boy’s night out or romantic dinner for two planned? Why not book an Au Pair to babysit your child/children so you can relax and enjoy a well earnt night out?  Any residential based family in the Pilbara Region can register their babysitting requirement online.  I will then match this with the availability of an Au Pair that has registered their interest and coordinate the booking.

Please note a minimum of 48 hours’ notice is required.  There is no guarantee a babysitter will be secured for you 100% of the time due to Au Pair availability.


Pilbara Family’s

  • Registration Fee - $25.00 (includes first booking fee)
  • Booking Fee (per job) - $10.00 (if you cancel your booking once the booking confirmation has been sent to you, you are still required to pay the $10.00 booking fee)

Hourly rate for Au Pair - $15.00 for up to 3 children and $20.00 for 4 + children


Au Pair’s keen on making extra money during your placement? 

For an Au Pair, another way to make extra money to support your Australian traveling adventures post your placement is to babysit during your days or evenings off.  This is a great way to meet other families and children in town as well as earning extra cash!  Register your interest by clicking the button below.  When a family in town requires your services I will contact you and arrange the details. No cost to you at all, just a great opportunity to earn more money!