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Are you wanting to see and experience the REAL Australia? If so, the Pilbara is the place for you! Most Au Pairs initially want to experience and explore one of Australia’s beautiful capital cities.  Whilst there are a number of amazing places to visit, living in the Pilbara Region with allow you to explore our culture, heritage and experience the outback that is unique to Australia and will be an opportunity you will never forget!

There are a number of regional towns each with their own unique appeal.  To find out more, please refer to the Pilbara Region.

Are you already an Au Pair in Australia and looking for a placement in another region? Do you have time remaining on your working holiday visa? If so, we would love to have you!  Please see information below on placement and fees.

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information on being an au pair

A full Time Au Pair arrangement requires you as an Au Pair to provide child care services to your Host Family for up to a 40-hour week.  This includes looking after the child/children following a routine you have discussed with your Host Family, and completing light house hold chores such as tidying up after the child/children, completing the washing for the child/children and family chores such as washing dishes and cleaning their own room.

Majority of families in the Pilbara Region work in the Mining Sector or Oil and Gas Sector and do not work a traditional Monday to Friday roster.  Working a full Time Au Pair Placement (40-hour week) may require some of your working hours to be over a night shift period, or over a weekend in order to meet the child care needs of the family. 

In a Full Time Au Pair Placement, you will reside with one family for a period of up to 12 months.  The Host Family will provide you with accommodation, meals and transport in order for you to care for their child/children and provide you with an opportunity to experience Australia and its culture. 

As a minimum, your accommodation will include your own bedroom, access to a bathroom (this may be shared with the family) access to the home and living facilities and transportation in the form of a vehicle. 

Your Host Family may want you to perform additional house cleaning services above light house hold chores which may include vacuuming, moping, cleaning the kitchen, and cleaning the bathroom/s on a weekly basis.  If this is requested, you may be paid additional funds depending on your working hours, the size of the house and the level of expectation from the Host Family. 

what support do you get as an au pair?

  • Access to current Host Family Profiles on Pilbara Au Pair Services Website to review current families looking for an Au Pair
  • Your application information will be shared with registered Host Families in the Pilbara Region who will contact you if they are interested in meeting with you to discuss a placement opportunity
  • Information on the Pilbara Region including what you can expect and what you can explore!
  • Information on the cost of flights to the Pilbara Region
  • Access to the Pilbara Au Pair Services Facebook Page for Au Pairs with access to up coming events information and discounts on activities and businesses in Pilbara towns
  • Support with any queries throughout the process and placement period
  • Support with gaining additional babysitting work during placement in order to make more money!    


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I currently advise registered Host Families to pay the following:

Weekly Pocket Money paid to the Au Pair based on 40-hour week - $300.00 (increased 1st March 2017)

Au Pair Completion Bonus (introduced 1st March 2017):

$171.00 (6 week placement)

$342.00 (12 week/3 month placement)

$684.00 (24 week/6 month placement)

$1,370.00 (48 weeks/12 month placement)