Allow me to introduce myself...

My name is Hayley Brown and I am the Owner/Operator of Pilbara Au Pair Services. 

Prior to moving to the Pilbara in August 2009, I worked in Perth in the Human Resources field for 6 years.  I have a Diploma of Business and a Bachelor of Business majoring in Human Resources Management.  I have grown up in family of 5 with a father working in the mining industry resulting in me living in 4 states of Australia, resided mining towns such as Kalgoorlie, WA and attended 14 schools. 

When moving to Tom Price in 2009 starting as a Human Resources Advisor working for Rio Tinto Iron Ore, I loved it right from the start.  The people in town were so welcoming and it had a great community spirit.  I quickly joined the local touch football team, joined friends at the pub for after work drinks and attended BBQ’s on weekends if we were not busy camping in Karijini or travelling to Coral Bay for a long weekend. 

In February 2010, I worked in Pannawonica for a 3-week period, where I was lucky enough to meet my future husband Phil who was working fly in fly out from Perth to Pannawonica at the time.  A workplace romance had blossomed. 

In October 2010, Phil and I decided to take a leap and move to Paraburdoo in order to progress with our careers and of course to live together!  During our time in Paraburdoo, I was promoted to Human Resources Superintendent supporting the Greater Paraburdoo Mine Operation for Rio Tinto Iron Ore.  Phil and I really enjoyed our time in Paraburdoo.  Again, the community opened its arms and welcomed us in, and we have made some of our life long best friends from our time in the small town. 

After 18 months in Paraburdoo, an opportunity came up for Phil and I to relocate to Karratha and for me to transfer into the role of Human Resources Superintendent supporting the Rail Division for Rio Tinto Iron Ore. 

2012 was a big year for us – not only did we move to the coast, but on the 30th September 2012, Phil and I got married in Perth surrounded by family and friends which of course included our ‘Pilbara Family’.

In 2013, Phil and I decided it was time to put down roots in the region and purchased a house in Dampier…. and a boat!  I transferred into the role of Human Resources Superintendent supporting the Utilities Division of Rio Tinto Iron Ore, and if that wasn’t enough for one year, we got the exciting news that Phil and I were expecting our first child. 

Our beautiful baby girl, Stevie, graced us with her presence on the 5th October 2014.  Following 12 months’ maternity leave, I made a difficult decision to return to work full time as the Human Resources Business Partner supporting the Dampier Port Operations for Rio Tinto Iron Ore.  Whilst it was a difficult decision for me to return to work full time, I felt that I owed it to myself to take on this promotional opportunity to support our family.

Whilst this was a difficult decision, an even harder decision was selecting a child care arrangement that worked for our family.  Day care and Family Day Care can be hard to get your children into in the Pilbara Region and the cost is quiet significant.  Not only taking that into account, I didn’t feel comfortable having Stevie placed in full time day care 5 days a week.  This is not a judgement on families that engage in this child care support, it is just a personal choice for me and my family.   

Friends of ours in Dampier had 2 children who were of primary school age, and had been accessing Au Pair’s for child care services from the age of 6 months old due to both parents returning to work.  Listening to this child care option allowed me to see that I would be able to have someone I selected reside with us who had previous child care experience that would not only provide Stevie with one on one child care, but do this in her own home.  This meant I could return to work without disturbing Stevie’s routine which was really important to me.

Having Au Pair’s has enriched our family and given Stevie exposure to another culture, and more people who love and adore her.  We have really enjoyed having Au Pair’s reside with us and sharing our Australian culture and Pilbara lifestyle.  They really do become part of your family and provided me with the peace of mind I needed when going to work and leaving Stevie in the care of someone that wasn’t her mother or father. 

My experience with having Au Pair’s and residing in this amazing region inspired me to start a service that connects Pilbara based families with Au Pairs in order to meet their much needed child care requirements.